After the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to preach in His name, the Christian church was born in an upper room when God poured out His Spirit upon a small group of 120 believers. In a few short years, the message of the gospel spread throughout the world.

It seems fitting that Parkway Church had humble beginnings in the basement of a South Milwaukee, WI residence as a handful of believers gathered to worship in May 1972, led by founder, Pastor Frank Tamel. The new congregation moved into a permanent church in Oak Creek, WI that seated about 100. In less than two years, the small building was full and we made plans for a 400 seat addition. As the congregation spread the gospel to neighbors and family through home Bible studies. God added to the church daily. By 1980, the second sanctuary was overflowing, persuading us to construct our current 1,400 seat Worship Center, completed in 1982.

In 1984, Pastor Anthony Tamel became Parkway’s first Assistant Pastor, accepting the role of Senior Pastor in 2003. Pastor Tamel’s vision for small groups played a major role in transitioning the congregation to adopt this apostolic method of ministry. Since 1997, he has led numerous small group conferences and seminars across the nation.

In 2013, Pastor Tim Peters accepted the invitation to fill the role of Assistant Pastor and in early 2017, the church members elected him as Co-Pastor.

In September, 2018, Pastor Tamel retired, having prepared Parkway for a smooth transition of leadership, and the congregation celebrated the installation of Pastor Tim Peters as Senior Pastor on October 20, 2018.